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Our company offers a wide range of laboratory equipment and devices in one place to make your work easier

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our team of experts will always be available to support you and answer your inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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all laboratory equipment from trusted brands that combine high quality with competitive prices

Welcome to Primary Care Company

Primary care company is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading companies specializing in the supply of medical, scientific, and laboratory equipment, chemicals, and a wide range of chemicals.

It covers the bit field of analytical instruments including laboratory furniture, Quality Marks, and Consulting Services for Lab development.

It serves sectors, education and research centers, and pharmaceutical and food industries. Our experience allows us to take full responsibility for your laboratory.

You are dealing with a global level of accuracy, mastery, and technological development, so we start with your projects, from the design, delivery, implementation, and advice stages to the final delivery.

We are specialized in exceptional research in the planning, construction, and installation of buildings according to the objectives and functions of each laboratory and the standards corresponding to its operational mechanics (technical), maintenance, development strategies, and modernization. For those who deal with places. Efficiency, equipment and staff efficiency, environmental safety, occupational medicine, costs, etc. Professional advice is now required here.

Our vision

Developing laboratories efficiently through experiment, examination, control, discovery, and prevention, which are the foundations of quality standards for human and environmental life.

Our Mission

We are proud of our mission, along with our commitment to quality, technical support, and customer service, to provide the best possible care using the latest diagnostic

Our goals

We provide the highest quality medical, scientific and experimental technologies to enable our customers to make our nation and the world healthier, safer, and of better quality, and various life sciences to solve complex analyses. We are pioneers in providing the best innovative medical solutions.

Our principles

Core Values Work, Integration, Innovation, Responsibility, Quality, and innovative scientific solutions.

Our concept of the laboratory

A laboratory is a place equipped with various instruments, instruments, chemicals (reagents), etc. for conducting experiments, research activities, and investigation procedures. Medical laboratories use a variety of biomedical instruments, instruments, materials, and reagents (chemical parts of an examination room with chemicals).

Scientific devices

  • Functional requirements for each laboratory
  • specialized laboratory
  • research center
  • Operational procedures for laboratory functions and tests
  • Materials used in operational procedures for laboratory functions and tests and the extent of its impact and its impact on the work environment and the components of the laboratory.
  • Prepare a list of the devices used (Equipment Datasheet).
  • Determining the laboratory's media needs (services / MEDIA).
  • Determining the lab's needs of spaces required for workstations and locations Equipment...
  • Adapting to this in the design of laboratories in existing buildings

Laboratory scientific plan

  • Our plan for the establishment of laboratories is to establish (floors-walls-door-ceilings-lighting-entrances-Exits-ventilation-furniture-and-media/services).
  • Develop considerations for individual safety-health-and environmental safety requirements.
  • Provide a workshop to any of the users or those responsible for operating the workshop.
  • Avoid any emergence of deficiencies in the requirements and implementation of the laboratory at the end of the project and the beginning of the operational phase
  • Strict control for (construction contractors-supervisors-and equipment suppliers) after project handover.

Our International partners

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