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PRIMARY CARE COMPANY has been established to be a major supplier for laboratory Systems, COC,Quality Mark and Laboratories Consultation Services in the Gulf Region & Middle East Market.

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Did you know that the Laboratory Supplies Market Size in 2020 reached 45$ bilion? we can help you gain a market share.

    Latest Equipment
    Hardworking Team
    International Partners
    Customer Service Experience
    Who we are?

    Market Leader In Medical Supplies

    We are one of Saudi Arabia’s leading companies specializing in the supply of medical, scientific, and laboratory equipment, chemicals, and a wide range of chemicals.

    It covers the big field of analytical instruments including laboratory furniture, Quality Marks, and Consulting Services for Lab development

    What We Offer?

    We offer for you an abroad types of products and services that can fit your project

    Chemicals and laboratory reagents

    we are committed to serving laboratories and research sectors by providing industrial-grade chemicals and laboratory reagents…

    Laboratory equipment and tools

    we offer a wide range of laboratory equipment and devices in one place to make your work easier

    Laboratory glassware and plastics

    The right lab tubes are a big part of the success of any trial. Some tests require the inert, heat-resistant properties…

    You will benifit

    Direct laboratory setup

    The company gives you complete solutions for your project According to the latest international standards used in all stages.

    01.A single point of contact for all customer needs

    acting as consortium leader (or general contractor) thus affording the customer a “single
    responsibility contact”

    02.The broadest portfolio of products & services in the industry

    offer a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions that cover the entire scope
    of Lab Products

    03.The customer at the heart of the project

    collaborate with its customers so that they meet their business objectives
    and serve their market better.

    Why you should chose Us?

    Primary Care Company considers The Customer at the heart of a turn-key project from plant concept to onsite delivery, installation, commissioning, user training and after sales support.


    We understand the importance of the lab equipment, instruments and supplies, we supply Lab Equipment and Instruments to our clients to match their goals and placing the right level of attention on performance, quality and availability


    We understand our clients' needs to keep ahead in their competitive environment,we systematically propose improved equipment & performances


    With our broad range of products & services, we allow our clients to gain a competitive advantage by providing long-term agreements.

    Why we are succesfull?

    Primary Care Company made her own way through various techniques inculding:

    User Oriented

    • Meeting market demands
    • Consistent and high quality products and enhanced after sales services
    • Superior customer services

    Dominant Market share

    • Business development experience
    • Existing Infrastructure
    • Technical Skills and
    • Experienced staff

    Tactics Vs. Competitors

    • Total Solution Approach
    • Turn-Key Capability
    • Excellent Customers Care

    Why we are special?

    Our vision

    Developing laboratories efficiently through experiment, examination, control, discovery, and prevention, which are the foundations of quality standards for human and environmental life.

    Our goals

    We provide the highest quality medical, scientific and experimental technologies to enable our customers to make our nation and the world healthier, safer, and of better quality, and various life sciences to solve complex analyses. We are pioneers in providing the best innovative medical solutions.

    Our principles

    Core Values Work, Integration, Innovation, Responsibility, Quality, and innovative scientific solutions.

    Our mission

    We are proud of our mission, along with our commitment to quality, technical support, and customer service, to provide the best possible care using the latest diagnostic

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