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LAB SYSTEMS & COC, Quality Mark & Consultation Services

for all exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a Conformity Assessment Programme has been implemented. All products require a Certificate of Conformity also referred to as a SASO CoC to enable them to be cleared through Saudi Customs.

Laboratory Systems are used to analyze and identify physical, chemical,molecular and elemental properties of a sample

Our plan for the establishment of laboratories is to establish (floors-walls-door-ceilings-lighting-entrances-Exits-ventilation-furniture-and-media/services).
Develop considerations for individual safety-health-and environmental safety requirements.
Provide a workshop to any of the users or those responsible for operating the workshop.
Avoid any emergence of deficiencies in the requirements and implementation of the laboratory at the end of the project and the beginning of the operational phase
Strict control for (construction contractors-supervisors-and equipment suppliers) after project handover.

The purpose of the existence of the Saudi Quality Mark is to show that the product complies with the Technical Regulations and Saudi Standard Specifications.

The subject to the specific conditions of the Technical Regulations for issuing the Quality Mark on the product.

The Saudi Quality Mark on a product indicates that this product has been inspected, tested, and complies with the relevant standard specifications.

The facility producing this product has applied an integrated system to control quality and comply with the necessary standards and requirements.

This is an important way to lead consumers to products that meet Saudi Arabian standard specifications.

The system used to administer the Saudi Quality Mark is based on the requirements of an international standard (ISO/IEC 17065).

It is a standard specification that addresses the requirements of bodies issuing certificates for products, processes, or services.

PRIMARY CARE COMPANY has set its market strategy based on Business development experience, Existing
Infrastructure, Existing Customers, Technical Skills and Experienced staff, Customer Service Experience, Office across
the country, Business Contacts/Personal Contacts, Hardworking Team and high Quality of work.

We are located in Saudi Arabia but our consultation and other services are exposed to an aborad range (worldwide).

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